Turtle Rock is a community that embraces a good neighbor policy and one that fosters and supports deed restrictions that effectively work towards protecting and maintaining the beauty, tranquility, and value of individual and community property. The Association encourages, supports, and enjoys high level of participation by residents in community operations and endeavors to conduct the Association’s business in an effective, open and even-handed manner. The community strongly believes that these qualities and values serve to establish Turtle Rock as a most desirable place in which to live.


It is the mission of the Turtle Rock Community Association through the Board of Governors, Management, and Committees to provide for the maintenance, governance, and operation of the community in a manner that will serve to preserve its overall appearance, appeal, and value. To this end the Association will adopt and carry out policies and procedures that are designed to maintain, protect and enhance the beauty and value of the community property, and the general tranquility and quality of life of the neighborhood.