Petition Against Honore/Palmer Ranch Parkway Project

Turtle Rock Residents,
The Board of County Commission is considering the proposed development at the Northwest corner of Palmer Ranch Parkway and Honore which was approved by the County Planning Commission on June 18. This is the next step in the process to gain county approval to build a 232 unit apartment complex on that corner. The governing boards of all the surrounding communities oppose this development as proposed.
This proposed development is requesting build a complex with the highest number of units per acre in all of Palmer Ranch and it would be about 34% denser then the next highest unit density development. It also provides inadequate buffering/screening from the surrounding communities. If approved this development would create an apartment complex the size of the Sage, on south Honore, but on one-half the acreage.
Please stop by the Community Center to sign a petition opposing the development of the large, high-density apartment complex on Honore and Palmer Ranch. This is your chance to let the County Commissioners know how you feel. Please read the petition, fill it out and sign it. Petitions will be collected on November 11 and submitted to the Commissioners in person.
If you have any question please contact myself or any board member.
We have over 400 signatures on the petition urging the Sarasota Board of County Commission to reject a developer’s proposal to shoehorn a 3/4-story, high-density apartment complex that would accommodate more than 500 people and their cars on less than 11 acres at the northwest corner of Honore and Palmer Ranch Parkway. This does not mean Turtle Rock and the other Palmer Ranch communities supporting the petition oppose anything being built on this lot. It just means we want the County’s Future Land Use Policies and current zoning rules regarding the distance a building must be from lot lines, the number of units per acre, etc. to be followed; and the petition is also intended to keep the surrounding streets safe and uncongested.
If this sounds reasonable and you haven’t signed the petition yet, please go to Community Center where the petition is located, read it and sign it if you agree with our objectives. The petition will be available through Wednesday.
Thank you,
Russ Gill – President

Turtle Rock Mailbox Task Force Update

The Mailbox Task Force has been working very hard for the past year to establish a plan to replace the deteriorating and unsightly mailboxes in Turtle Rock. It is with great pleasure and sense of accomplishment that we can now announce that we have been successful! Kudos to the members of the committee: David Bryan, Curt Gilroy, Kathrin Harris, Patti Fleming, Harry Hopes, Roberta Maloney, Bob Oram, our chairperson Kathy Wells, and our Board liaison Jodi Cunnison.

Once it was determined, through our legal counsel, that control and authority over the mail-boxes may be assumed by the Homeowners Association since the boxes are located on com-mon property, we knew it was possible to remove the existing boxes and replace them with the upgraded ones. They will last longer, require less maintenance, be maintained by the Homeowners Association (no more compliance!), and will be more attractive and in keep-ing with the scheme of the community. The responsibility for the new mailboxes will be with the HOA and will be the only acceptable mailbox going forward.

At the October 6 Board of Governors meeting, the Board approved the task force’s recommendation to contract the services of ASAP Mailbox Installations for the project. A contract has been signed and the materials are in the process of being ordered. We anticipate the installation will begin in the first quarter of 2021. The Board also approved the total cost of the mailboxes to be funded 100% by the Association, thus avoiding any special assessment to the homeowners!

In preparation for installation, it will be the responsibility of each homeowner to remove all landscaping and hardscaping surrounding their post. You will be given ample lead time to do this. The new posts will be surrounded by a concrete donut and new sod will be put down by the Association. No plantings will be allowed around the new posts; this will make maintenance easier and provide a uniform appearance.

We will keep all homeowners updated as to the rollout and progress of the installation. Follow the updates on and postings on the glass enclosed Notice Boards throughout the community. Periodic emails will also be sent to residents with information pertaining to the project.