TR Petition Against Honore/Palmer Ranch Parkway Project

Turtle Rock Residents,
The Board of County Commission is considering the proposed development at the Northwest corner of Palmer Ranch Parkway and Honore which was approved by the County Planning Commission on June 18. This is the next step in the process to gain county approval to build a 232 unit apartment complex on that corner. The governing boards of all the surrounding communities oppose this development as proposed.
This proposed development is requesting build a complex with the highest number of units per acre in all of Palmer Ranch and it would be about 34% denser then the next highest unit density development. It also provides inadequate buffering/screening from the surrounding communities. If approved this development would create an apartment complex the size of the Sage, on south Honore, but on one-half the acreage.
Please stop by the Community Center to sign a petition opposing the development of the large, high-density apartment complex on Honore and Palmer Ranch. This is your chance to let the County Commissioners know how you feel. Please read the petition, fill it out and sign it. Petitions will be collected on November 11 and submitted to the Commissioners in person.
If you have any question please contact myself or any board member.
Thank you,
Russ Gill – President

Turtle Rock Access Control Update Options

Please click on the two links below for an in depth look at the access control update options and the cost analysis for each.

CLICK HERE to read the REVISED Access Control Options Update Document.

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Russ Gill

Retention Pond Proposal

This report is based on Turtle Rock Retention Pond Task Force Results that were presented to the Turtle Rock Board of Governors.

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