Traffic Study Proposal

At the September 4, 2018 Turtle Rock Board of Governors meeting, residents expressed concerns regarding traffic issues within the Community including reckless driving, speeding, running of stop signs, distracted driving, failures to remain in a lane, and others. Concerns were also raised about traffic safety during school bus pick-up and drop-off times, since parents are out in the Community with their children at bus stop locations along Turtle Rock Boulevard and in the Turtle Rock Community Center.

Since Turtle Rock roads are privately owned, it is the responsibility of the Community to establish and enforce standards of proper usage of our roads. As such, the Board agreed to establish a Traffic Study Task Force to study the traffic issues and to provide recommendations to the Board on ways to enhance safety and to enforce existing Community traffic rules.

As a first step, the Task Force held a Town Hall meeting on December 13, 2018 to discuss all issues related to traffic safety and to allow members of the Community to directly voice concerns, to relate specific instances of traffic violations, and to provide recommendations for ways that the Community can enhance safety.

CLICK HERE to read the Proposal from the Traffic Study Task Force.