Disaster Preparedness

Overview & Disclaimers

The Turtle Rock Emergency Preparedness Guidelines provide a guide for Turtle Rock residents that we can follow in the event of a community disaster or emergency. It is not intended to cover every situation, and it doesn’t guarantee your safety or the safety of your property. It is here to offer to support residents in preparing for, dealing with, and recovering from a disaster.

  • The Board of Governors nor the Association has the resources or expertise to fully address needs with respect to all potential disasters and emergencies. Depending on the extent of the emergency, gate personnel and management team members may not be able to report to work.
  • For Turtle Rock, as for most private homeowners, the responsibility for protecting homeowners and their assets falls on the individual homeowners or tenants. The Association is responsible for the common areas only. Each resident is responsible for their own home, garage, lanai, and all personal property, as well as landscaping on their property. This is true on a daily basis as well as in the event of emergencies. Individuals assess the optimal way of protecting their property (e.g., whether or not to install hurricane shutters). Individuals also make their own decisions on whether or not to evacuate, and where they will evacuate to. If you choose not to evacuate, a plan must be in place for the safety and welfare of the residents, guests and pets until conditions return to normal. The important thing is that both the Association and homeowners and tenants address potential issues in advance of a disaster, whenever possible. Everyone needs to pre-plan for potential threats and be ready for recovery after a disaster.

Types of Disasters
Things to do now
Things to do when a storm is predicted
Things to do when a Tropical Storm/Hurricane Watch is issued
Things to do during and after the storm
Information for special circumstances
Non-hurricane disasters

Special thanks to Sarasota County, Palmer Ranch Master Association, The Isles and Ballentrae communities and the Emergency Communications Subcommittee for generously developing and sharing information related to the development of this plan.