Welcome to the TURTLE TALK!!

It has been a long time since Turtle Rock has had a newsletter. For many years we had a wonderful and colorful publication which was printed and delivered to our homes. As time passed and technology advanced, it needed to go “all digital” for cost considerations. Because of that, new people were needed to publish it “on-line”.

Our previous printed newsletter required many hours of effort and dedication by Mr. Ron Green (thank you, Ron, for all your years of work!) and editing by Kathrin Harris and others to format all the photos and stories into the final form to be sent to the printer. Our Communications Committee team of volunteers has taken great steps to produce this first electronic newsletter, and we are asking for your help so that it can continue to be issued.

Our “template” has been established using Microsoft Publisher and it will be easy to update this every month with the latest news and information in the text areas provided. As you can see by our list of contents, several news sources are already providing us with information on a regular basis. But photos and news articles of interest to residents are much needed. If you are willing to help provide content for this newsletter to your community, thereby making it even more interesting and colorful, please contact Communications@myturtlerock.com.

In the meantime, Welcome to the TURTLE TALK!!

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