The Turtle Rock Community Association: The Home Owners’ Association is known as The Turtle Rock Community Association, Inc. (the Association).

  1. Membership in the Association: All owners are members of the Association. As such, they have rights and responsibilities as laid out in this document.

  2. The Association Budget and Association Payments: The Board adopts a budget reflecting the anticipated community expenses for the forthcoming fiscal year at a regular or special meeting of the Board called for this purpose. This meeting is held no later than November 30 of the year prior to the year in which the budget applies. The Board sets the amount of the Association dues at the same meeting. The dues maintain the common areas; pay for management and gate staff; cover insurance premiums, legal fees, utility bills, supplies, materials, irrigation water to homes, etc. A portion of the total quarterly assessment is allocated to Reserves for the eventual repair and replacement of capital items (i.e., roads, community center, pool & gatehouse roofs, painting, resurfacing of the pool, tennis and basketball courts, etc.). A budget summary is mailed to homeowners in the last quarter of the year for the upcoming year and is also available on the website. A portion of the Turtle Rock Association dues is also paid to the Palmer Ranch Master Association for similar line items. The Members of the Association are responsible for dues, paid quarterly, on the first day of January, April, July, and October. Owners may enroll in an auto-pay system, or opt for payment coupons. Please contact management for the latest information on setting up your chosen payment plan.

Please Note: Savannah and Somerset Owners: are subject to additional fees as mandated by the documents governing these sections of Turtle Rock.