Storm Debris Collection

Storm debris collection is managed by your city, county or area and will be performed by contractors other than Waste Management, per FEMA. Debris pick-up schedules and requirements will vary by city and unincorporated area. Check city or HOA/MUD/HUD news bulletins. Please remember to keep the debris away from your water back-flows and irrigation. These trucks will be loading with hydraulic lift buckets so be sure to keep them separated.

Thank you,
Ed Olson LCAM
Sunstate Management

Turtle Rock Trash Update

The garbage and recycling will return to it's regular schedule tomorrow, Wednesday September 20. Waste Management will pick up your yard waste if it is prepared as follows:

  • Cut branches into four-foot lengths or less and tie them in bundles no more than 12 inches in diameter.
  • Leaves and grass clippings should be bagged, tied securely and placed with other items for outside pickup.

Debris pick up will begin this week for everyone. Please be patient with the process as it could be weeks before it all gets picked up.

Thank you,
Ed Olson LCAM
Sunstate Management

Hurricane Irma Cleanup Campaign

Just a quick update from your Board of Governors and Sunstate Management.

We are so thankful that everyone here at Turtle Rock came through this as well as could be imagined.

We still have some without power. FPL is doing everything possible to get power restored to everyone. Please be patient. If you have special needs, please make sure to stay in touch with your contact frequently.

According to Waste Management we will stay on the normal trash pickup of Wednesday. Debris will be picked up at a later date as soon as Waste Management assesses the amount to be picked up. Please go to This will give you all the information you need to get your debris picked up successfully as well as other storm related information you might need.

Our cleanup here in Turtle Rock has started and will continue until everything is completed. With downed trees and limbs every where, this process will take time. Again, please be patient.

Please keep in mind that Management or the Board cannot call FPL, Waste Management, Sheriff's Department or any other county department on your behalf. That call has to come from you, the homeowner.

Thank you all again, for making Turtle Rock a great place.

The Board of Governors
by Ed Olson LCAM, Sunstate Management