This page contains information from the Mailbox Task Force for Turtle Rock Community Association, Inc.

The Mailbox Task Force is proud to introduce (to those who have not seen them) the mailboxes coming to your front yard in early 2021! They are no longer on display inside the community center since the contractor is using them at a new job. The white double box will be installed in Savannah, and the black single one in the rest of Turtle Rock. They have been ordered, and installation will begin in the first quarter of 2021. As stated in last month’s newsletter, the total cost of the mailboxes will be funded 100% by the Association, thus avoiding any special assessment to the homeowners! They will be the only acceptable mailboxes going forward.

The Board will be making sure the community is informed about the roll-out and progress of the project:

The Turtle Rock website homepage will contain updates on a regular basis. To access, go to Under the “Community Association” tab, click on “Mailbox Task Force” to see the latest information about the project.

Email Blasts may be sent out with periodic updates. If management does not have your current email address, please complete the form available in the community center or send your email to It will be entered into Constant Contact for use by Sunstate Management Company only, kept secure and remain confidential.

Notice Boards located throughout Turtle Rock will be used to post updates with current information and status. As you walk about the community, please stop to check them out.

Information Sessions will be held at the Community Center on Sunday December 6 from 1:30pm to 3:30pm and again on Saturday January 16 from 9:00am to 11:00am where task force members will be available to answer questions and provide current information. And you are always welcome to contact a Mailbox Task Force member with your questions: David Bryan, Jodi Cunnison, Curt Gilroy, Kathrin Harris, Patti Fleming, Harry Hopes, Roberta Maloney, Bob Oram, and Kathy Wells.

In preparation for the install, it will be the responsibility of homeowners to remove all landscaping and hardscaping surrounding their post. You will be given ample lead time to do this. The new posts will be surrounded by a concrete donut, and new sod will be put down by the Association. No plantings will be allowed around the new posts; this will make maintenance easier and provide a uniform appearance.

Please send any comments or questions to

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