Current Board of Governors

Our Board of Governors is made up of dedicated volunteers from within our neighborhood. Our current board members are:

Robert Oram

Jodi Cunnison

David Tarlton

David Bryan
Governor at Large

John Burke

Russ Gill
Governor at Large

I understand the policy of Turtle Rock Community Association, which states that governors, officers, management, and employees will work together in a cooperative spirit for the best interest of all the Members of the Association.

Therefore, I promise to:

  • Maintain a positive attitude toward my position as a governor and toward my fellow board members;
  • maintain a positive and professional attitude toward our employees and contractors so as to maintain morale and promote efficient performance;
  • refrain from harassing, intimidating, or publicly making derogatory comments about fellow board members, association Members, guests, employees, or manager;
  • work with my fellow governors in a cooperative manner;
  • represent the total community and not any special interest group and
  • use my influence to enhance the reputation of the association and maintain the mutual respect that currently exists between the Members of the Association and the Board of Governors.

Professional competence. A board member shall undertake only those responsibilities and assignments that he/she can reasonably expect to perform with professional competence.

Due professional care. A board member shall exercise due professional care in the performance of his/her duties. A governor shall not knowingly fail to comply with the requirements of the documents as long as the documents comply with the law.

Planning and supervision. A board member shall adequately plan and supervise all his/her assigned duties and functions for the association.

A board member may not knowingly make an untrue statement of a material fact or knowingly fail to state a material fact in order to achieve any measure of personal gain for him/herself, or any affiliated company from which he/she may benefit. All decisions and representations must be made with the best interest of the association in mind.

A member shall comply with all current internal operating standards, or that may from time to time be promulgated by the board of directors.

All board members shall exhibit professional courtesy to all community association management professionals. Such professional courtesy shall include not interfering with the contractual relationships between community management professionals and contractors, vendors, suppliers, and employees.

No board member or employee of a board member may use his/her position to enhance his/her own financial status through recommendation of vendors, suppliers, or contractors that may pay a gratuity to the member or employee.

ln addition, any situation that may appear as a conflict of interest must be disclosed in writing to the board of governors at the earliest opportunity. Any dealings with related parties must be fully disclosed to the association, and the appropriate abstention must be noted in the minutes on all discussion and voting relating to the perceived conflict of interest.

lt is recognized many clients, vendors, and suppliers consider reasonable gifts and entertainment as an accepted business practice without any intent to unduly influence the judgment of the board of governors. Nevertheless it shall be the policy of the board of governors to discourage the acceptance by its members of gifts, entertainment, or other favors from existing or prospective clients, contractors, vendors, or suppliers. Cash gifts of any amount are prohibited. Gifts of a nominal value and personal nature given as token of friendship or special occasions such as Christmas, a job promotion, or length-of-service award are acceptable.

lf the gift, entertainment, or other favor is (1) judged to be above the standard of living of the board member and the donor, or (2) it is judged to be beyond the ability of the board member to reciprocate, either on a personal basis, or with a legitimate claim for reimbursement from the association, or (3) the gift or entertainment received would suggest to a disinterested third party the board member might be influenced in the conduct of the association’s business with the donor, it does not meet acceptable standards.

No board member may use any funds being held for association business for personal use. All funds held in bank accounts must be completely segregated and not commingled with any board member’s funds.

Any engagement of a company or individual related to any member of the board of governors in any way must be disclosed to the association. This disclosure must be made in writing and approved by the association for the board member to remain active.

A board member engaged in the practice of another profession shall not perform such other services for the association while serving as a board member, if the performance of such services is likely to result in a conflict of interest, real or perceived.

Any member who misses three consecutive meetings of the board of governors will be removed from the board.